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Shop Alumier MD Skincare

A true professional medical-grade skincare dedicated to the latest advancements in Clean Science.

Our products are available only through authorized Alumier MD professionals. Click below a product below will direct you to Alumier MD's website and prompt you to register an account under BMA and buy.

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3 Glow Peel
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1 Glow Peel
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23 Retinol range
24 Glow Peel
Acne 1 Laser Licious
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Acne Vulgaris
Acne 8 Q Esthetics Laser

Alumier MD offers clean, corrective skincare, clean science, and healthy skin.

This means formulating medical-grade products in therapeutic concentrations while considering human health and our planet Earth.

If you're not sure where to begin with your skincare journey, schedule a free skin assessment to get an individualized plan for you!

Facial Cleansers

Purifying Cleansing Gel.png

Purifying Gel Cleanser

A refreshing pH-balanced foaming gel cleanser.

  • 177mL /6 fl oz 

  • normal to oily skin



A gentle and intensely hydrating pH-balanced cream cleanser.

  • 177mL /6 fl oz 

  • normal to dry skin



A gentle and soothing creamy cleanser.

  • 177mL /6 fl oz 

  • sensitive/redness-prone skin


Lotus scrub.png

Lotus Scrub

An “evenly” exfoliating scrub designed to cleanse and smooth.

  • 120mL /4 fl oz

  • for most skin types

Enzymatic Peel.jpg

Enzymatic Peel 

A highly effective fruit enzyme exfoliator for most skin types to use at home

  • 60 mL/2 fl oz 

    for all skin types

Moisturizers and Serums



A light hydrating lotion loaded with powerful peptides, antioxidants and soothing ingredients.

  • 50 mL / 1.7 oz

  • normal to oily skin

Recovery Balm.png

Recovery Balm

An intensely soothing moisturizer, specifically formulated for post-procedure recovery, without hydrocortisone.

  • 50mL /1.7 fl oz 

  • for all skin types



A soothing and rich moisturizing cream loaded with antioxidants and calming ingredients.

  • 50mL /1.7 fl oz 

  • sensitive/redness-prone skin



A smooth rich cream packed with emollients and hydrators for the ultimate moisturizer experience. Ideal for dry skin.

  • 50mL /1.7 fl oz

  • for dry skin


Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.5.png

Retinol Resurfacing

Serum 0.5

A microencapsulated 0.5% retinol treatment that improves skin tone and texture and reduces the signs of aging.

  • 30mL /1 fl oz

  • for aging/ discoloured/ sun damaged/ blemish-prone skin

Retinol Resurfacing Serum 1.0.png

Retinol Resurfacing

Serum 1.0

A microencapsulated 1.0% retinol treatment that improves skin tone and texture and reduces the signs of aging.

  • 30mL /1 fl oz

  • for aging/ discoloured/ sun damaged/ blemish-prone skin

Acne Balancing Serum.png

Acne Balancing Serum

A highly effective, lightweight serum that penetrates pores to reduce acne, allow skin to heal and prevent new pimples.

  • 30mL /1 fl oz

  • for acne-prone skin


Retinol Eye Gel.png

Retinol Eye Gel

An innovative microencapsulated retinol eye gel that dramatically improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin.

  • 15mL /0.5 fl oz 

  • for most skin types

Eye Rescue Pads.png

Eye Rescue Pads

Visibly improves fine lines and puffiness under the eyes.

  • 4 box (4 x 6 g = 24 g)

  • for most skin types


SPF 40 tinted .png

Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 40 (Sand)

An innovative, broad-spectrum tinted 100% physical facial sunscreen with a matte finish. It can also double as your daily foundation.

  • 60ml /2 fl oz 

  • for normal to oily skin

Sunscreen SPF42.png

Clear Shield Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 42

A lightweight, non-comedogenic, 100% physical broad-spectrum facial sunscreen.

  • 60ml /2 fl oz 

  • for normal/ oily/ blemish-prone/ sensitive redness-prone skin

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